International award for young people(IAYP)

The Duke of Edinburg s International award

  • Our Achievements
  • Our School Students enrolled in this program in Aug 2014, the following year 20 of our students got the Bronze level certificates and badges for successfully participating and completing the requirements of the level.
  • Similarly, In 2016-17,12 students got Bronze level Certificates and badges.
  • For the year 2018 , we are proud to say that 48 students have enrolled themselves for the bronze level and 10 for silver level respectively.
  • About the award
  • Students in the age group of 14-16 years can participate in bronze, silver and gold levels of the award respectively.
  • Students participating in this award should develop a skill, improve physical recreational pursuits, and actively get involved in community service of various kinds for a minimum time period of three months.
  • As a part of a small team, they should undertake an adventurous journey in an unfamiliar environment with a defined purpose.